Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
School of PhysicsSt.-Petersburg State University

Babich Vassilii Mikhailovich
Full Proffessor, Doc. of Sci.

Geometro-optic methods in the theory of hyperbolic equations.
Submission year
Students Lazutkin V. F., Kiselev A. P., Blagoveshenskii A. S.
Main publications
  1. A ray description of all waves generated by a high-frequency point source near an interface (with Lawry J. M. H., Starkov A. S.)
    2001, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 62(1), 21-40.
  2. ''Nongeometrical phenomena'' in propagation of elastic surface waves
    2004, Surface Waves in Anisotropic and Laminated Bodies and Defects Detection. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Workshop, ed. R. V. Goldstein and G. A.Maugin, Kluwer, 119-129.
Scientific fields
  • Asymptotic Methods
  • Math. aspects of theory of wave phenomenon
    Adviser of 19 kandidats of sciences.