Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
School of PhysicsSt.-Petersburg State University

Buldyrev Vladimir Sergeevich
1928 — 2010
Full Proffessor, Doc. of Sci.

Method of etalon problems in diffraction theory and theory of wave propagation
Submission year
Students Lyalinov M. A., Gelfreikh N. G.
Main publications
  1. Short-Wavelength Diffraction Theory. Asymptotic Methods
    , Springer-Verlag.
  2. Mathematical Methods in Modern Electromagnetic Diffraction Theory
    2001, Science House Inc. Tokyo.
  3. Asymptotical Technique in Short-Wavelength Diffraction Theory
  4. Пространственно-временной лучевой метод
    1985, ЛГУ.
  5. Linear Algebra And Functions of Several Variables
    1985, ЛГУ.
Scientific fields
  • Asymptotic Methods
  • Wave's Propagation and Diffraction
    Government Award Winner