Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
School of PhysicsSt.-Petersburg State University

Buslaev Vladimir Savelievich
1937 — 2012
Full Proffessor, Doc. of Sci.

Students Fedotov A. A., Pozharskii A. A., Sukhanov V. V., Budylin A. M.
Main publications
  1. A complex WKB method for adiabatic problems.
  2. On the difference equations with periodic coefficients.
  3. Harper equation: monodromization without semiclassics.
  4. Bloch solutions of difference equations.
  5. Monodromization and Harper equation
  6. Complex WKB method for Harper equation
  7. Short wave propagation in a slowly varying refractional wavegide with boundaries (in Russian).
    Awards: 1. Award of Leningrad Mathematical Society - 1963 2. 1-st award of Leningrad State University – 1975 3. State Award of Russian Federation - 2000 Distinctions: 1. Honored Scientist of Russian Federation 2. Honoured Worker of High education of Russian Federation 3. Doctor Honoris Causa of University Paris-Nord 4. Invited speaker at ICM – 1983 5. Series of Honored Fields lectures (Fields Institute, Toronto) – 1987 6. Plenary talk at the Jubilee session of German Mathematical Society – 2000 7. Member of PDE board of ICM - 2008 Public activity: 1. Member of Editorial Boards of two Mathematical Journals: Algebra and Analysis, Functional Analysis and its Applications 2. Member of the Ruling Board of St. Petersburg Mathematical Society 3. Member of specialized Scientific Counsels conferring scientific degrees Other public activity: Other public activity: Took part in the organization of several International scientific meetings in St. Petersburg: Days of diffraction, a semester in the Euler Institute, and in abroad: Germany (Oberwolfach), Canada (Toronto, Banff), Holland (Amsterdam), Sweden (Stockholm), Spain (Barselona).