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Annual international conference «Days on Diffraction»

The conference «Days on Diffraction» is a representative international forum that mirrors the up-to-date state-of-the-art in the theory of diffraction and wave propagation and related mathematical topics. It is the only annual conference of this kind held in the Russian Federation. The conference serves as the progress in the fundamental research in wave physics and the corresponding areas of mathematics such as mathematical problems of diffraction and wave propagation theory; boundary-value contact problems arising in acoustics and electrodynamics; propagation of waves in inhomogeneous, stochastic, and composite media; wave phenomena in meta-materials and nano-structures; theory of wave-guides and resonators; numerical methods; nonlinear waves. During the past few years several new topics were added, namely: water waves; homogenization; spectral theory of operators; wavelet analysis. The participants come from all over the world.

 There are always many university students and postgraduate students giving talks at the conference, they present results of their research and publish them in the proceedings of the conference. The conference attracts young scientists to the reasearch.

Usually, the conference takes place in the beginning of each summer. It lasts five days, and there are plenary, sectional, and poster sessions.

The «Days on Diffraction» have been held since 1968.

Organizing Committee

  • Prof Vasilii Babich, chairman (PDMI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof Natalya Kirpichnikova, secretary (PDMI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof Vladimir Troyan (St.Petersburg State University)
  • Ms Tatiana Vinogradova, visa support (PDMI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Ms Nadia Zalesskaya, accomodation (PDMI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof Ivan Andronov (St.Petersburg State University)
  • Prof Pavel Belov (ITMO University, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof Natalya Kirpichnikova (PDMI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof. Mikhail Lyalinov (St.Petersburg State University)
  • Maria Perel (St.Petersburg State University)
  • Prof Aleksander Samsonov (Ioffe Phys-tech Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof Valery Smyshlyaev (University College London, UK)
  • Prof R Stone (IEEE, USA)
  • Prof Ningyan Zhu (Stuttgart University, Germany)

The conference organizers are now as follows: St. Petersburg State Univerity and Chebyshev Laboratory, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, St. Petersburg Division of V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the ITMO University.

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Конференция «The Mathematics of Quantum Disordered Systems»

С 15 по 19 декабря включительно  в Международном Математическом институте им. Эйлера (Песочная наб., д. 10) будет проходить конференция «The Mathematics of Quantum Disordered Systems».

Подробную информацию о конференции, докладчиках и докладах и программу
конференции можно найти на странице

Hamiltonian systems and their applications

This conference will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Branch Of Steklov Mathematical Institute RAN, Saint Petersburg, Russia, on June 3-8, 2015 (

The conference is organized  by Euler International Mathematical
Institute (Pesochnaya nab. 10), the St. Petersburg Branch of
Steklov Mathematical Institute (Fontanka 27)
and Laboratory of Geometric Control Theory of Sobolev Institute of
Mathematics, Novosibirsk.

Conference board:

  • E.Korotyaev (St. Petersburg),
  • A. Agrachev (Triest),
  • W.Craig (Hamilton),
  • H.Eliasson (Paris),
  • S.Kuksin (Paris),
  • D.Treschev (Moskow)


  1. Hamiltonian PDEs (mostly in finite volume), including the KAM-theory;
    the Euler equation, normal forms.
  2. Recent developments in finite-dimensional systems, including the instability , the long-time behaviour, KAM theory.
  3. Hamiltonian methods in mathematical physics
  4. Hamiltonian methods in geometry and control

Inverse problems and Related Topics

This conference will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg Branch Of Steklov Mathematical Institute RAN, Russia, on 18-22 August, 2014 (

Conference board:


  • Alexander Kachalov(
  • Evgeni Korotyaev(

  • Sergey Ivanov (
  • Hiroshi Isozaki(
  • Sergey Kuksin (
  • Yaroslav Kurylev (
  • Lassi Paivarinta ( Читать далее


  • 19 – 23 мая 2019.
    Конференция Nonlinear dynamics and long-time asymptotics,
    посвященная памяти Владимира Савельевича Буслаева.
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  • 27 мая – 1 июня 2019.
    Конференция The Art of Quantization,
    посвященная памяти Людвига Дмитриевича Фаддеева.
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  • 3 – 7 июня 2019.
    Конференция Days on Diffraction 2019
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  • 21 – 24 июня 2019.
    Конференция 11th St.Petersburg Conference in Spectral theory,
    посвященная памяти Михаила Шлёмовича Бирмана.
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  • 2-8 февраля 2020.
    Конференция по спектральной теории и математической физике в Сочи