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What do the mathematical physicists do?

The mathematical physicists work as mathematicians on important problems of modern physics or, more generally, of natural sciences. These can be problems of quantum physics and wave propagation, statistics and stability of matter, elementary particle physics and bacterial chemotaxis in the ocean.

Why mathematicians have to study problems of physics?

  • Without using and developing powerful mathematical methods, one can no more analyze or even discover many phenomena that are important from the point of view of physics.
  • The most intriguing problems of physics necessarily lead to the most interesting mathematical problems. The most beautiful mathematical structures are inevitably related to the fundamental questions of physics.

Why the mathematical physicists can deal with problems from very different fields?

Often one and the same mathematical construction arises in course of mathematical investigations in very different fields, and so, often one and the same mathematical method allows to attack very different problems.

Why do we do mathematical physics?