Семинар 15 апреля

ВНИМАНИЕ: изменено место проведения семинара.

15 апреля в 18:00 состоится заседание семинара кафедры Высшей математики и математической физики, Средний пр., 41/43, ауд. 305.

Доклад А.В. Соболева (Alexander V. Sobolev, University College London)
«Szegö-type formulae for non-smooth functions of pseudo-differential operators»


We obtain estimates in various quasi-normed classes of compact operators for the operator
\[f(P AP) − P f(A)P,\]
where \(A\) is a pseudo-differential operator on \(L_2(R^d )\) with a smooth or discontinuous symbol, and \(P\) is a multiplication by the indicator of a piece-wise smooth domain in \(R^d\). The function \(f\) is not supposed to be smooth. The obtained formulae generalise results obtained by H. Widom in the 80’s. They are used to study the entanglement entropy of free fermions at positive temperature.

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