Victor S. Mikhaylov

Associate professorDSC_9711


Principal place of business

St. Petersburg Department of V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Mathematical Problems of Geophysics.

 Directions of research

  • Inverse problems of Mathematical Physics and related topics in Spectral
    Theory and Control Theory.

Basic Research papers

  1. Avdonin S. A., Mikhaylov A. S., Mikhaylov V. S. On some applications of the Boundary Control method to spectral estimation and inverse problems. Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, 2015, 6 (1), P. 63–78
  2. M. I. Belishev, V. S. Mikhaylov Inverse problem for one-dimensional dynamical Dirac system (BC-method). Inverse Problems, Vol. 30, no. 12, 2014.
  3. S. A. Avdonin, G. Leugering and V. S. Mikhaylov «On an inverse problem for tree-like networks of elastic strings», ZAMM Z. Angew. Math. Mech. 90 (2010), no. 2, 136–150.
  4. S. A. Avdonin, V. S. Mikhaylov, A. V. Rybkin «The boundary control approach to the Titchmarsh-Weyl $m-$function», Comm. Math. Phys. {bf 275} (2007), no. 3, 791—803.
  5. A. S. Mikhaylov , V. S. Mikhailov «Remark on Covering Theorem» Journal of Mathematical Science v.112, N 1, 2002, p 4024-4029

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