Aleksandr S. Poretskii


Assistant, PhD


 Directions of Reaserch

  • Mathematical theory of waveguides
  • Electromagnetism
  • Elliptic boundary value problems

Basic research papers

  1. B.A. Plamenevskii, A.S. Poretckii, The Maxwell system in waveguides with several cylindrical ends, Algebra and Analysis, vol. 25(2013), no 1, 94-155.(in Russian)
    English translation, St. Petersburg Math. Journal, vol. 25(2014), no 1.
  2. B.A. Plamenevskii, A.S. Poretckii, O.V. Sarafanov, On a method for computing waveguide scattering matrices in vicinities of thresholds, Algebra and Analysis, vol. 26(2014), no 1(in Russian);
    English translation, St. Petersburg Math. Journal, vol. 26(2015), no 1.
  3. Plamenevskii B.A., Poretskii A.S. and Sarafanov O.V., On computation of waveguide scattering matrices for the Maxwell system, Funct. Anal. Appl., 49:1(2015), 77-80.


  1. Seminars «Methods of Mathematical Physics» for 3rd year students

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