Yaroslav Yu. Koptelov


email: kopya239@ya.ru

PhD student since 2014

Scientific supervisor: A.A. Fedotov and S.B. Levin

 Directions of research

  • Diffraction approach to the scattering theory of quantum systems with slowly decreasing pair potentials

 PhD research topic:

System of three quantum charged particles: asymptotic behavior of the continuous spectrum Eigenfunctions of the Schrodinger operator with discrete spectrum in pair subsystems

Basic Research papers

  1. V.S.Buslaev, Ya.Yu.Koptelov, S.B.Levin, D.A.Strygina «Numerical construction of the continuous spectrum Eigenfunctions of the three body Schrodinger operator: Three particles on the axis with short-range pair potentials»Phys. Atom. Nuclei,76:2 (2013) pp 208-218
  2. Ya. Yu. Koptelov, S. B. Levin, “On the asymptotic behavior in the scattering problem for several charged quantum particles interacting via repulsive pair potentials”, Phys. Atom. Nuclei, 77:4 (2014), 528–536
  3. S.B. Levin, Y.Y. Koptelov “On Asymptotics of the Scattering Problem Solution on n Like-Charged Quantum Particles” Few-Body Systems August 2014, Volume 55, Issue 8-10, pp 809-812

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