Семинар 21 апреля

Заседание семинара кафедры высшей математики и математической физики состоится 21 апреля (среда) в 18-30.

Докладчик: Dmitri Vassiliev (University College London)

Тема: Invariant subspaces of elliptic systems

Consider an elliptic self-adjoint pseudodifferential operator \(A\) acting on m-columns of half-densities on a closed manifold \(M\), whose principal symbol is assumed to have simple eigenvalues. We show existence and uniqueness of m orthonormal pseudodifferential projections commuting with the operator \(A\) and provide an algorithm for the computation of their full symbols, as well as explicit closed formulae for their subprincipal symbols. Pseudodifferential projections yield a decomposition of \(L^2(M)\) into invariant subspaces under the action of \(A\) modulo \(C^\infty(M)\). Furthermore, they allow us to decompose \(A\) into m distinct sign definite pseudodifferential operators.

We use our pseudodifferential projections to show that the spectrum of \(A\) decomposes, up to an error with superpolynomial decay, into m distinct series, each associated with one of the eigenvalues of the principal symbol of \(A\). These spectral results are then applied to the study of propagation of singularities in hyperbolic systems.

This is joint work with Matteo Capoferri (Cardiff). The talk is based on two of our papers, arXiv:2103.14325 and arXiv:2103.14334.

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