Mikhail A. Lyalinov

Professor, Doctor of Sciences


email: lyalinov@yandex.ru

 Directions of research

  • Asymptotic methods for the boundary-value problems of the wave propagation theory
    (acoustic, electromagnetic waves and gravity surface waves)
  • Mathematical theory of diffraction and canonical problems (formulas, integral transforms, functional equations, asymptotic estimates of the integral representations, numerical simulation)

Basic Research papers

  1. Mikhail A. Lyalinov, Electromagnetic scattering by a circular impedance cone: diffraction coefficients and surface waves, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics (2014), P. 1 – 38  ( doi:10.1093/imamat/hxs072, to appear).
  2. Mikhail A. Lyalinov , Scattering of acoustic waves by a sector, Wave Motion 50 (2013) 739–762.
  3. Mikhail A. Lyalinov and Ning Yan Zhu, Electromagnetic Scattering of a Dipole-Field by an Impedance Wedge, Part I: Far-Field Space Waves, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 61, NO. 1, JANUARY (2013), 329-336.


  1. V. M. Babich, M. A. Lyalinov and V. E. Grikurov, Diffraction Theory:
    the Sommerfeld-Malyuzhinets Technique (Alpha Science Series on Wave
    Phenomena). Oxford, UK: Alpha Science, 2008.
  2. M.A. Lyalinov, N.Y. Zhu, Scattering of Waves by Wedges and Cones with Impedance Boundary Conditions, in: Mario Boella Series on Electromagnetism in Information & Communication, SciTech-IET, Edison, NJ, 2012.

Research projects for students

  1. Mathematical modeling of the initial stage of initial stage of the tsunami- wave
    (linear approximation of the shallow water, integral transforms, functional equations,
    separation of the variables, asymptotic analysis)
  2. Electromagnetic scattering of surface wave by the geometrical discontinuities of the boundary, applications to the study to the scattering of surface polaritons

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