Vladimir V. Sukhanov

Суханов Владимир Владимирович
Associate professor

email: vvsukhanov@mail.ru

 Directions of research

  • The Inverse Spectral Problems
  • The Asymptotic Investigation of the Nonlinear Integrable Equations

Basic Research papers

  1. Laptev A., Ostensson J.,Shterenberg R. and Sukhanov V. Reflectionless potentials for an ordinary differential operator of order four. Inverse Problem, 22 (2006), pp.135-153
  2. Sukhanov V.V., An inverse problem for a selfadjoint differential operator on the line, Math.USSR Sbornik, Vol.65, (1990) No.1, pp.249-266
  3. Sukhanov V.V., Large time asymptotic for principal chiral field, Theor. and Math. Phys., Vol.84, (1990) No.1, pp.23-37
  4. Sukhanov V.V., On the Asymptotic Behaviour as \(t\rightarrow\infty \) of the Solutions of the Equation \(u_t=u_{xxx}+F[u]\). Asymptotic Analysis, North-Holland, No.7, 1993, pp.195-205


  1. Lectures «The Integrable Nonlinear Equations»
  2. Lectures «Spectral Theory of Ordinary Differential Operators»
  3. Lectures «Methods of Mathematical Physics»
  4. Seminars «Methods of Mathematical Physics»

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