Boris A. Plamenevskii

Professor, Doctor of Sciences



Research work

Approximately 170 publications including several monographs.

The studies are devoted to

  • the theory of elliptic boundary value problems for partial differential equations,
  • pseudo-differential operators,
  • mathematical waveguide theory with applications to electrodynamics, hydrodynamics, elasticity theory, and electronics.

Main monographs

  1. B.A.Plamenevskii, Algebras of Pseudodifferetial Operators, M., Nauka, 1986 (in Russian)
    Plamenevskii B.A., Algebras of Pseudodifferential Operators, Nauka, Kluver Academic Press, Dordrecht/Boston/London, 1989.(English Translation).
  2. S.A.Nazarov, B.A.Plamenevskii, Elliptic Problems in Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries, M., Nauka, 1991 (in Russian).
    Nazarov S.A. and Plamenevski B.A., Elliptic Problems in Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries, Berlin; New-York: De Gruyter, 1994 (Extended version, in English).
  3. V.Maz’ya, S.Nazarov, B.Plamenevskii, Asymptotische Theorie Elliptischer Rahdwertaufgaben in Singular Gestorten Gebieten, b.1, 2, Academic Verlag, Berlin, 1991 (in German).
    V.Maz’ya, S.Nazarov, B.Plamenevskii, Asymptotic Theory of Elliptic Problems in Singularly Perturbed Domains, vol. 1, 2, Birkhauser, 2000, (Operator Theory, Advances and Applications, v.111, 112) (English translation).
  4. B.A.Plamenevskii, Pseudodifferential Operators on Piecewise Smooth Manifolds, Novosibirsk, «Tamara Rozhkovskaya», 2010 (in Russian).
  5. L.Baskin, P.Neittaanmaki, B.Plamenevskii, O.Sarafanov, Resonant Tunneling (Subtitle: Quantum Waveguides of Variable Cross-Sections, Asymptotics, Numerics and Applications), Springer, 2015 (in English).

Teaching activity


  1. «Calculus» (for the 1st year students)
  2. «The geometry of manifolds» (for the 3rd year students)
  3. «Boundary value problems and pseudodifferential operators» (for graduate and post-graduate students)

Scientific supervisor of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students

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