St. Petersburg Conference in Spectral Theory dedicated to the memory of M.Sh.Birman

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Annual St.Petersburg Conference in Spectral Theory
dedicated to the memory of M.Sh.Birman

The conference is devoted to the spectral theory, one of the most important fields of the modern mathematical physics, a field having numerous applications both in fundamental and in applied modern physics and mathematics. The spectral theory is one of the areas where the Saint Petersburg mathematical school is traditionally strong. Saint Petersburg State University was one of the places where the spectral theory was being created and developed. The names of professors Ludwig Faddeev (academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Mikhail Birman and Vladimir Buslaev are among the names of the world-known leaders in the field.

Now, the conference is a unique high level annual international conference in spectral theory taking place at the territory of the former USSR. The range of topics is very wide. Traditionally, there are talks devoted to the general operator theory, spectral theory of differential and difference operators, scattering theory, inverse problems, periodic and ergodic operators, asymptotic methods and applications to the modern quantum physics, classical mathematical physics and wave propagation theory. There are also talks devoted to interesting general analytic problems.

The conference takes place at the Euler International Mathematical Institute in the beginning of July, its duration is 4-5 days. Usually we organize about 18-22 50-minutes talks and a young scientist’s section.

Program committee:

  • Alexander Fedotov (St. Petersburg State University),
  • Nikolai Filonov (Steklov Institute, St. Petersburg),
  • Alexander Sobolev (University College London),
  • Tatiana Suslina (St. Petersburg State University),
  • Dmitri Yafaev (University of Rennes 1)

Organizing committee includes also

  • Ilya Kachkovskiy (University of California, Irvine),
  • Nadya Zalesskaya (Euler Institute),
  • Tatiana Vinogradova (Euler Institute),
  • Nataliya Sharkova (St. Petersburg State University).

The conference usually is supported by RFBR, Chebyshev Laboratory, St. Petersburg State University, FANO

8th St.Petersburg Conference in Spectral Theory
dedicated to the memory of M.Sh.Birman

Preliminary list of speakers includes:

Young Scientists Session: TBA

*= to be confirmed

Alexander Fedotov (St.Petersburg State University)
Nikolai Filonov (Steklov Institute, St.Petersburg)
Alexander Sobolev (University College London)
Tatiana Suslina (St.Petersburg State University)
Dmitri Yafaev (University of Rennes 1)

Previous meetings: 
3-7 August 2009 
12-16 July 2010 
1-6 July 2011 
2-6 July 2012 
2-6 July 2013 
3-8 July 2014 
3-6 July 2015 

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