Hamiltonian systems and their applications

This conference will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Branch Of Steklov Mathematical Institute RAN, Saint Petersburg, Russia, on June 3-8, 2015 (http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/).

The conference is organized  by Euler International Mathematical
Institute (Pesochnaya nab. 10), the St. Petersburg Branch of
Steklov Mathematical Institute (Fontanka 27)
and Laboratory of Geometric Control Theory of Sobolev Institute of
Mathematics, Novosibirsk.

Conference board:

  • E.Korotyaev (St. Petersburg),
  • A. Agrachev (Triest),
  • W.Craig (Hamilton),
  • H.Eliasson (Paris),
  • S.Kuksin (Paris),
  • D.Treschev (Moskow)


  1. Hamiltonian PDEs (mostly in finite volume), including the KAM-theory;
    the Euler equation, normal forms.
  2. Recent developments in finite-dimensional systems, including the instability , the long-time behaviour, KAM theory.
  3. Hamiltonian methods in mathematical physics
  4. Hamiltonian methods in geometry and control

The list of speakers:

Massimiliano Berti
Dario Paolo Bambusi
Cheng Chong-Qing
Konstantin Khanin
Vadim Kaloshin
Galina Perelman
Jacques Fejoz
Thomas Kappeler
Benoit Grebert
Bassam Fayad
Raphael Krikorian
Anatoly Neishtadt
Andreas Knauf
X. Yuan Xiaoping Yuang
Ludovic Rifford
Andrey Sarychev
Andrey Tsiganov
Sergey Bolotin
Lev Lokutsievskij
Andrey Mironov
Plotnikov Pavel
Maria Saprykina
Jiangong You


Andrei Dymov,
Jessica Massetti,
Thibaut Castan,
Livia Corsi,
Liu Jianjun,
Huang Guan,
Hongzi Cong,
Alberto Maiocchi,
Zhiyan Zhao,
Marcel Guardia


Further information
is available on the conference website:


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