Head of the department

Tatiana Suslina

Professor, Doctor of Science


email: t.suslina@spbu.ru
email: suslina@list.ru

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Directions of research

  • Spectral theory of differential operators
  • Partial differential equations
  • Homogenization theory for differential operators with periodic coefficients

Basic research papers

  1. M. Sh. Birman and T. A. Suslina, The two-dimensional periodic magnetic hamiltonian is absolutely continuous,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 1998, 9:1, 21–32
  2. M. Sh. Birman and T. A. Suslina, A periodic magnetic Hamiltonian with a variable metric. The problem of absolute continuity,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2000, 11:2, 203–232
  3. M. Sh. Birman and T. A. Suslina, Second order periodic differential operators. Threshold properties and homogenization,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2004, 15:5, 639–714
  4. M. Sh. Birman and T. A. Suslina, Homogenization with corrector term for periodic elliptic differential operators,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2006, 17:6, 897–973
  5. M. Sh. Birman and T. A. Suslina, Homogenization with corrector for periodic differential operators. Approximation of solutions in the Sobolev class \(H^1 (\mathbb{R}^{d})\),
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2007, 18:6, 857–955
  6. T. A. Suslina, Homogenization with corrector for a stationary periodic Maxwell system
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2008, 19:3, 455–494
  7. M. Sh. Birman and T. A. Suslina, Operator error estimates in the homogenization problem for nonstationary periodic equations,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2009, 20:6, 873–928
  8. T.A. Suslina Homogenization in the Sobolev class \(H^1 (\mathbb{R}^{d})\) for second order periodic elliptic operators with the inclusion of first order terms,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 2011, 22:1, 81–162
  9. T.A. Suslina, Homogenization of the Neumann problem for elliptic systems with periodic coefficients,
    SIAM J. Math. Anal. 45 (2013), no. 6, 3453—3493.


  1. Lectures «Higher algebra» (1st and 2nd semesters of the 1st year, intensive stream).
  2. Lectures «Sobolev spaces and their applications» (8th semester).
  3. Special seminar for Master students.

Other activity

  • a member of expert council of Higher attestation commission on mathematics and mechanics
  • a member of Academic council of the Physics Faculty of SPbSU
  • a member of the dissertation council Д.212.232.24 at SPbSU (on theoretical and mathematical physics)
  • a member of direction of St. Petersburg Mathematical Society
  • a member of editorial board of the journal of RAS «Functional analysis and its applications»
  • a member of editorial board of the journal of RAS «St Petersburg Mathematical journal»
  • an expert of the Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation
  • an expert of Russian Fundation for Basic Research
  • an expert of Russian Science Fundation

Methodic materials (in Russian)